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Read what our clients are saying about us

I love this place.  This place makes me look good. The staff is incredible.  They are always friendly and chill.   Jill is the mastermind and truly and artist.  She makes my hair amazing, edgy and fashion forward. She gives me the best haircuts and makes "my hair" look incredible and totally real.  She makes my dreams come true weekly and I thank god this place exists !!!!!!!!  Love love love Thursday's!

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Since losing all my hair several years ago, I wore a series of wigs - some synthetic, some human, all uncomfortable and unnatural-looking. Wearing the pieces that were custom-made for me by Thursdays has been nothing short of transformative. Suddenly, I felt like my old self again. The hair looked and felt exactly like the hair I had all my life. It hung the same way, matched my original hairline, and could be put into a ponytail. I could swim, go camping, and spend the night out with friends, never having to worry about taking off a wig and hiding my bald head. And the most compelling testimony - I could snuggle with a new man, have him kiss the top of my head, and not flinch.

The embarrassment and humiliation that accompanied wig-wearing, for me, has disappeared, and I’m so very grateful to this company for making that so.


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I've searched everywhere, this place is the single best solution for hair loss without surgery. Personal and tuned-in staff, with a lot of experience, using absolutely top-quality products. If you haven't done your research you'll think it's expensive, but if you have done your research you'll know the prices are competitive and well worth the quality and care.

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I am writing to tell you that I am sooo happy with my hair loss solution, and with the superb service I have received from Thursdays for the past four years.
The Problem: By age 60, I was nearly bald, at least on the top. I tried on a lot of wigs, but they were hot, and they all looked fake. I also didn't want to have to fuss with my hair. (I don't even like to wear make-up!)

The Answer: After searching the internet, I found Thursdays. Now I wear a human hair "unit" that stays on all the time. It's like a cap (or a yarmulke), so its not too hot. I sleep in it, shower in it, shampoo it, and can even swim in it. Once a month, I come into Thursdays, and my girl, Desi (or sometimes Heidi) removes it, deep cleans and conditions it, and reattaches it to my freshly washed head with clips and adhesive. (And styles it very cute, of course!) It looks so natural, even hairdressers are surprised to learn that it isn't my own hair!

The Business: In my first consultation, Jill, the owner, explained my options and how they take care of their customers, even in an emergency. I know that Jill will leave no stone unturned to keep me looking my professional best.

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Jill is one of the most knowledgeable and professional people I know, she truly cares about every client I love going there, my daughter refuses to go anywhere else but to Sara so we have an appointment at least every month. And we won't replace Thursday's for any other place.

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What can I say? Other than that Jill, her team, and Thursday's has single-handedly changed my life and self-esteem.  I went from always using hair extensions and having the thinnest hair, and trying many different laser and topical treatments.  I even spent thousands with a naturopathic Doctor to make sure my thyroid and hormones were perfectly balanced.  To no avail, nothing worked... but then I finally made a decision to get a hair replacement unit.  I felt very at ease with Jill during my first consultation, and she did a terrific job ordering the right hair density and color for me.  Fast forward to now, I have beautiful long hair with bangs, and you can see my scalp line!  The hair quality is absolutely gorgeous.  I WEAR MY HAIR DOWN EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And I get so many compliments on it regularly.  I can't thank Jill, Jessica, and Thursday's enough!'s!

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Thursday's has been God sent! I have done everything from weaves to wafts, you name it since 1984.    No other hair replacement comes even close to what Jill and her staff offer.  Not only incredibly sensitive to your feelings and needs Thursdays is professional and discreet.

 I give it my highest recommendation.  Would recommend to anyone and everyone! Virtually flawless and undetectable.Thursday's will change your life. You will have the hair you always dreamed of!

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2020 has been a challenging year, but one great thing to come about is discovering this amazing place! Jill and her fantastic staff succeeded in restoring my hair with their laser unit and high quality products.

I am so grateful to have found Thursday's and cant recommend it enough. Life restoring!

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This place is the best!. As a young male not having hair is a nightmare, wearing hats, and going to business meetings in hats just got out of control. I eventually needed something I mean, at that point, I would do anything to feel like myself again and thankfully, near my house, there were Thursdays as if it was meant to be lol Jill is awesome. I remember the first day I came in, I had the worst anxiety I could barely talk and think straight but she kept me calm and made me talk about something that was hard. Having no hair really killed me inside especially being a social media influencer. People would always comment " you always wear hats" "take your hat off" but I ignored it and I need something fast before I got exposed! Long story short, after not being financially ready to spend this much money Jill, Lori and Steve really helped me a lot and I couldn't thank them enough. Trust me and take my word when I say this. Their only intention and reason for their job is to MAKE SURE YOU'RE HAPPY, nothing with money. Don't waste your time searching... as they say, "it's cheaper doing it right the first time then half A**ing it many times"

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I went to Thursdays to get some help with my thinning hair. Everyone I met and worked with at Thursdays is amazingly wonderful. . The staff are all very caring and knowledgeable. They want to make sure that you walk out the doors happy. In my opinion, Jill, the owner, is one of the most honorable people I have met. I highly recommend Thursdays Calabasas!!

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